In my first novel Warrior Brothers, two teenagers, who are marooned on an exoplanet with a population of pre-technological humanoids,  pretend on a whim to be the long-predicted reincarnations of the planet’s mythological Warrior Brothers.  The prank turns deadly when the line between myth and reality starts blurring in unexpected and dangerous ways.

I like sci-fi that explores ideas and social issues.  In Warrior Brothers, Native American (Coast Miwok and Pomo) parents exploring the galaxy struggle to raise their son in their ancestral traditions, but he was born in space and feels no connection with Earth.  In my new sci-fi novel, for which I’ll soon be looking for a publisher, an atheist police detective and a Christian missionary each confront a life-threatening challenge that brings them together and fundamentally changes everything they both believe.

I’ve also written four screenplays and have a Master’s degree concentration in screenwriting.  In addition to writing sci-fi, I sometimes write historical fiction and like to combine the two genres.

In my free time, I am a mountain biker, hiker, trail runner,  I research local history, and I help maintain a traditional California Indian ceremonial roundhouse.