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Warrior Brothers

I apologize if you’ve come looking for my old website.  I’m revamping my social media presence and to start the process, I am creating this totally new website to replace the old one.

In my novel Warrior Brothers, a California Indian teen, born in space and marooned on an exoplanet, decides on a whim with his best friend to pretend to be the long-predicted reincarnations of the planet’s mythical Warrior Brothers.  According to the myth, the Warrior Brothers promised many millennia ago to return when their people needed them. Now their people need them and monks are scouring the planet, seeking their reincarnations. The two friends expect their prank will lead to glory, but it instead turns deadly when the line between reality and myth blurs in unexpected and dangerous ways.

Warrior Brothers is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions.

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